My Comeback!

So, I’ve had this blog for a while but I’ve never really used it. And that’s going to change, that makes it change #1. I’m going too college in two weeks and I wanted to do some things. There are some things that are on my ‘To do list’ for this year and one of them is to start a blog. I just want to share some things with the world(sounds promising, right?) and I love writing, so lets see how things will turn out.

The reason why I called my blog ‘You know my hips don’t lie’ is because I didn’t knew how to name my blog… I’m a huge Shakira fan and she has a song called ‘Hips don’t Lie’. It’s one of my favorite songs ever and I kinda like to shake my hips(ha ha). I’m a honest girl and I don’t lie, so there you have three reasons(I bet I’ll come up with more).

The reason why I write in English is because my whole study programme is English. I will have to talk, write and read everything in English, so this is also good to improve my English.

I’m going to post this blog, before all the cliché will come up :)

I hope you’ll come back.


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